Splash Fit Swimming | Registration
Splash Fit Swimming was founded by a group of aquatic instructors in Harlem teaching minority communities basic swimming skills and water safety awareness.
2, 4 or 6 Beat Kick, Bilateral Breathing, Body Position, Body Rotation (=Body Roll), Bow Wave, Catch, Catch Up Drill, CSS, Dolphin Kick, Drafting, Drag, Drills, Economy (=efficiency), Extension, Feel For The Water, Fly (abv. of butterfly), Freestyle (abv. Free) (UK: front-crawl), Front Quadrant, Glide, Hypoxic, Ironman, Kick Board, Long Course, Medley (Individual Medley - IM), Olympic Distance Triathlon, Open Water (abv. OW), Pace Clock, Paddles, Plantar and Dorsi Flexion, Posture, Propulsion, PT Paddles, Pull, Pull buoy, Push, Push turn, Recovery, Rotary (freestyle), S Shaped Pull, Scissor Kick, Short Course, Sighting, Standard Distance Triathlon, Streamline, Stroke Length, Stroke Rate, Taper, Technique, Threshold (Lactate), Time Trial (abv. TT), Torpedo Push Off, Triathlon, Tumble (turn) (also known as flip turn), Unilateral (breathing), Wetronome, Splash Fit Swimming, Splash, Fit, Swimming, Splash Fit, Fit Swimming, Aquatics, Swimming Lessons, Competitive Swimming, Adult Swimming Classes, Swimming NYC, Swim NYC, Swim Jim, Bearcat Masters, NYC Hydras Masters, Athletic and Swim Club, Red Tide Masters, Asphalt Green, Swimming New York City
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All registrations are finalized either through text message, email or phone and are not verified until payment is processed. Classes are scheduled at the beginning of each semester by choosing times and levels. Each session begins on the hour and half hour. It’s best to give us a brief description of the participant’s prior experience with any other aquatic exposure so that we can recommend which level best suits the swimmer. Please fill out a registration form and submit both form and payment in person.


Click Here for English Registration Form


Click Here for Spanish Registration Form

UPDATE: Dunlevy Milbank Center is available due to delays in the renovation process for the FALL. Registration for the month of October is now OPEN!

2019 Fall Semester*
October 5th through October 26th (Saturdays ONLY)
30 Minute Sessions
4 Classes $130.00
1 Hour Sessions
4 Classes $220.00
IMPORTANT: Please review our make-up policy below…
Prorated Sessions
Based on Group Availability ONLY, Must Be Confirmed By Text, Call, or Email
30 Minute Session
1 Class $40.00
1 Hour Session
1 Class $62.00
Private Sessions
Based on Availability ONLY, Must Be Confirmed By Text, Call, or Email
30 Minute Session
1 Class $65.00
1 Hour Session
1 Class $95.00

Private sessions may be taken during private class timeframe but must be scheduled and confirmed via text message, phone or email 48 hours in advance.

*Specific instructors are NOT guaranteed for private lessons*

*Final confirmations must be submitted through text message*

Class Schedule

Fall 2019

Saturdays from 2:30PM – 5:00PM
(Classes are available on the hour and half-hour)

2:30PM-3:00PM:  All Levels (Private Only)

2:30PM-3:00PM:  Parent & Child Aquatics,  Beginner I, and  Beginner II

3:00PM-3:30PM:  Parent & Child Aquatics,  Beginner I,  Beginner II,  and  Intermediate

3:30PM-4:00PM:  Parent & Child Aquatics,  Beginner I,  Beginner II,  and  Intermediate

4:00PM-4:30PM:  Parent & Child Aquatics,  Beginner I,  Beginner II,  and  Intermediate

4:30PM-5:00PM:  Parent & Child Aquatics,  Beginner I,  Beginner II,  and  Intermediate

4:00PM-5:00PM:  Adults,  Advanced,  Competitive I and Competitive II

(Private and semi-private lessons are available)
For more information or any questions please contact us! (Text/MMS Preferred)


It is important that the classes you acquire fit your schedule. Missing too many classes or constantly arriving late can impact progress and cause the student to fall behind. Whether the student makes it to class or not, instructors are still present. Contact us if you feel you may cancel class for any reason at least 48 hours ahead. Only ONE make-up is allowed within the time frame of each semester and is automatically scheduled at the END of each semester. NO REFUNDS will be granted after the first class.


We accept all major debit/credit cards. Invoices are sent via email mid-semester, and are due as marked. Payment deadlines are strictly enforced. Be sure to close out any open invoices prior to the due date to avoid interruption to your classes. For more information or any questions, please contact us.

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment/Evaluation/Trial classes count as a class in the current semester. If you decide to continue classes throughout the semester in question you are required to pay the full registration fee.