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Our Learn to Swim program is built and designed with one goal in mind, teaching you how to swim!...
2, 4 or 6 Beat Kick, Bilateral Breathing, Body Position, Body Rotation (=Body Roll), Bow Wave, Catch, Catch Up Drill, CSS, Dolphin Kick, Drafting, Drag, Drills, Economy (=efficiency), Extension, Feel For The Water, Fly (abv. of butterfly), Freestyle (abv. Free) (UK: front-crawl), Front Quadrant, Glide, Hypoxic, Ironman, Kick Board, Long Course, Medley (Individual Medley - IM), Olympic Distance Triathlon, Open Water (abv. OW), Pace Clock, Paddles, Plantar and Dorsi Flexion, Posture, Propulsion, PT Paddles, Pull, Pull buoy, Push, Push turn, Recovery, Rotary (freestyle), S Shaped Pull, Scissor Kick, Short Course, Sighting, Standard Distance Triathlon, Streamline, Stroke Length, Stroke Rate, Taper, Technique, Threshold (Lactate), Time Trial (abv. TT), Torpedo Push Off, Triathlon, Tumble (turn) (also known as flip turn), Unilateral (breathing), Wetronome, Splash Fit Swimming, Splash, Fit, Swimming, Splash Fit, Fit Swimming, Aquatics, Swimming Lessons
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Learn to Swim


(Ages 6+)

Our Learn to Swim program is built and designed with one goal in mind, teaching you how to swim! It’s important that each and every participant learns at their pace but with specific goals set, they can reach their greatest potential. Our skill level ladder is the best way to determine if the participant needs more practice or if they’re ready for the next challenge of skill sets, showing progress every step of the way. We take a much more serious approach towards safety and learning skill objectives with our straight to the point classes of drill sets and repetition. Only one question will remain after the ADVANCED level: “ARE YOU READY FOR A SWIM TEAM?”



(Comfortability Stage)

Ensuring your child is comfortable before moving on to the next level is important, this is our aquatic exploration level. All objectives are practiced in short lengths (3 to 5 yards) and shallow water (3 to 4 feet deep).


Prerequisites: No skills are needed to enroll into this class.



(Basic Stroke Skills)

Designed to increase children’s proficiency in performing skills already obtained. This is accomplished by providing additional guided practice and an increase in distance and water depth.


Prerequisites: Your child should excel in ALL course objectives in LTS I and be prepared to practice next objectives in longer distances (5 to 15 yards) and a deeper depth (4 to 5 feet deep).

Course Objectives:
Submerge Mouth (Bubbles)
Front/Back Float and Glide (supported)
Position Roll (supported)
Front/Back Flutter Kick (supported)
Reach and Pull (treading actions)
Front/Back Arm Actions (supported)
Paddle (5 yards)
Introduction to Sitting Wall Jumps, Ring Recovery
Course Objectives:
Fully Submerge and Hold Breath
Front/Back Float and Glide
Position Roll
Front/Back Arm/Leg Actions
Deep-water Exploration
Front/Back Streamline
Paddle (15-20 yards)
Wall/Block Jumps
Explore deep water treading
Introduction to Rotary Breathing and Dolphin Kick


(Stroke Development)

In INTERMEDIATE, the swimmer’s goals are to expand their proficiency of previously learned skills by providing additional guided practice. Here, we reinforce the dolphin kick and breaststroke kick and introduce headfirst water entry.


Prerequisites: The swimmer must excel in ALL course objectives in LTS II and be prepared to practice next objectives in longer distances (10 to 15 yards) and a deeper depth (+5 feet deep).


(Stroke Improvement)

In ADVANCED, swimmers enhance their skills by increasing their endurance and swimming strokes achieved (front crawl and elementary backstroke) for greater distances while maintaining technique and exploring flip turns.


Prerequisites: The swimmer must excel at ALL course objectives in INTERMEDIATE and be prepared to practice next objectives in longer distances (20 to 25 Yards) and a deeper depth (+5 feet deep).

Course Objectives:
Bobbing While Moving Forward (Doggy Paddle)
Rotary Breathing (Stationed)
Streamline Kick (Flutter)
Streamline Kick (Dolphin)
Front Crawl 10 to 15 yards (Freestyle)
Breaststroke Kick
Elementary Backstroke
Headfirst Entry From Sitting/Kneeling Position
Deep Water Treading
Introduction to Backstroke and Butterfly
Course Objectives:
Swim Underwater (10 to 15 yards)
Open Turns
Treading With Different Kicks
Front Crawl (25 yards)
Elementary Backstroke (25 yards)
Breaststroke (15 yards)
Butterfly (15 yards)
Back Crawl (15 yards)
Back Streamline (flutter)
Back Streamline (dolphin)
Headfirst Entry From Compact/Stride Position
Introduction to Flip Turns

* Suggested Ratio: 4 to 1

Whats Next?

By now, participants are able to make excellent progress in the water while being familiar with all four competitive strokes and have an exposure of diving and flip turns. After successfully demonstrating the course objectives of the ADVANCED level, we highly recommend enrolling swimmers into our competitive levels. Opportunities after the competitive levels of achievement include: improving stroke mechanics for a competitive swim team, Water Safety Instructor or Junior Lifeguarding courses.